Seadrake is the brand new synth ”supergroup” consisting of singer Hilton Theissen (Akanoid), machinewizard Mathias Thürk (ex-Minerve) and bassist/keyboardist Rickard Gunnarsson (Lowe, Statemachine).

Rickard Gunnarsson, born and raised in Stockholm, has played in several bands since childhood. He released his first record when he was 7 and has performed live with artists such as Moby and West End Girls. Rickard’s father, Rutger Gunnarsson, is one of Sweden’s most famous musicians and has played with ABBA amongst other artists. In the last years Rickard played in some of Sweden’s well know electronic acts like Statemachine and Lowe, who won several Scandinavian music awards. Together with Lowe he has toured North America, Russia and most of Eastern and Western Europe.

Hilton Theissen, born in South Africa, has played in some different projects like Dark Millennium (progressive metal) and Akanoid (Trance/Synthpop) and works as a producer for different artists and projects in his own Elektrofish Studio in Germany.

Mathias Thürk, born just outside of Berlin and living in Zürich, used to play keyboards with pop band Minerve. The band is well known in the alternative pop scene and reached different chart positions throughout Europe. Minerve was also nominated by the German Rock&Pop Awards as Best Elektro Pop Band. With Minerve he toured through Russia all of Eastern and Western Europe.

Mathias, Rickard and Hilton met on the autobahn when they toured the world with their previous bands and they connected instantly. Coming from different continents and with different tastes in music (ranging from Edith Piaf and David Bowie to Underworld and Nine Inch Nails) they found a common ground in electronic music and created Seadrake. Their music can be described as dark driven synthpop with a throbbing bass and a touch of rock.

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